Activate Bankwest Card

Quicksteps to Activate Bankwest Card Online 

  1. Go to Bankwest Card Activation Link.
  2. Log in to the Bankwest Online Banking account.
  3. Go to the profile and click on Self-service >>> Manage my cards.
  4. Then go to the Cards to manage menu and choose your card to activate. 
  5. Choose a 4-digit PIN and confirm your identity.
  6. Enter an OTP received on your registered phone number.
  7. Submit the card activation request and your card will we ready to use shortly.

The cardholders can also activate Bankwest credit card or debit cards by dialing Bankwest Card Activation Phone Number at 1300 796 844 to activate the card by registered mobile number.

Bankwest Card Activation

Have you just received a new debit card or a credit card from the Bankwest Bank and are you ready to use your card? Well, before that, you must know that a bank dispatches a card in deactivated status for the security of cards and one must activate Bankwest Debit Card or complete the Bankwest Credit Card Activation in order to get the cards ready for transactions and other uses.

Complete Bankwest Card Activation Procedure through logging into Bankwest Online Banking or just dial the Bankwest Card Activation Phone Number at 1300 796 844 to activate credit card or debit card by phone. The cardholders can also activate the cards simply using their card PINs at any of the ATMs or by making a withdrawal/transaction.

Bankwest Card Activation Online

Activating a card online is the easiest way to complete a card activation procedure. Well, you must require an online banking account in order to activate the card online. Keep a card, online baking details handy and follow the instructions below to activate a card now.

  • STEP: 1. Log into the Bankwest Online Banking account at
  • STEP: 2. Once you logged in then select an option available as followings;
      • Self-service
      • Manage my cards
      • Card to manage
      • Card
  • STEP: 3. Enter the Expiry Date printed on your card.
  • STEP: 4. Choose a new 4 digit PIN (if applicable).
  • STEP: 5. Then enter an OTP code you’ve received on the registered mobile number.
  • STEP: 6. Submit a request to activate the card and let the online banking verify the details you have entered. Once your card is activated, you will receive a card activation notification.

Bankwest Credit Card Activation Number
1300 796 844

It is required to have a registered mobile number with your bank account or with your card to activate the card by phone.

  1. Dial Bankwest Activate Card Phone Number with your registered phone number at 1300 796 844.
  2. Follow the prompts to activate your credit card.
  3. Provide your 16 digit card number and date of birth details when inquired.
  4. Submit a request to activate your card and your card will be ready to use in no time.

Bankwest Debit Card Activation tips, help

^ Bankwest cardholders should probably complete a transaction (maybe, a small one) for the confirmation of your card activation.

^ Never share any of the card details, online banking details, card password with anonymous for the security of your account and card.

^ Keep your credit cards, debit cards linked to online banking and mobile banking accounts to keep updated for your cards.

Bankwest cardholders who are unable to activate the Bankwest debit card or credit card online or cannot activate the Bankwest card by dialing the Bankwest card activation number can share their issues below to get help. Share Bankwest card activation issues below and get online help from us here.

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