Maybank Credit Card Activation | Activate Maybank Debit Card

How to activate Maybank credit cards?

  1. Go to Maybank Card Activation Link.
  2. Log into Maybank Online Banking.
  3. Go to Card Management and select the card.
  4. Then click on the option Activate Now.
  5. Provide the Credit Card Number, personal details.
  6. Submit a card activation request and your card will be ready to use.

You can also dial the Maybank Credit Card Activation Phone Number at 1800-MAYBANK to activate the card by phone. The cardholders can also activate the Maybank debit card by the same method.

Maybank Card Activation | Activate Maybank Card

If you receiving or received a credit card or debit card from the Maybank, you must know that a bank dispatches a card in deactivated status for the security of cards. And so, you must activate the card in order to get the card ready for transactions and usage. Use any of the following methods and follow the instructions below to activate your card.

Activate Maybank Credit card Online using Maybank Online Banking account or just dial Maybank Credit Card Activation Number at 1800-MAYBANK to activate Maybank debit card by phone. For how to activate Maybank debit card for overseas use, Dial (65) 65335229 to activate the card.

Maybank Debit Card Activation Online Guide

To activate the credit card online, the cardholder must have an online banking account. Keep your credit card, personal details in hand and follow the activation instructions below to activate your card.

  • STEP: 1. Go to Maybank Card Activation Online Link.
  • STEP: 2. Log into Maybank online banking using the following details;
      • Username
      • Password.
  • STEP: 3. Then go to the profile menu and select “Card Management”.
  • STEP: 4. Select the card and click on the option Activate Now.
  • STEP: 5. Now, Enter the required NatWest card following details;
      • Card Number
      • Cardholder Name
      • Card Expiry Date
      • CVV (if apply)
  • STEP: 6. Agree with the terms and conditions, and submit the request to activate your card.

Once you submit a request to activate the card, your job is done here. Now, let the Maybank Online Banking service verify the input you have entered. If correct, your card will get activated shortly.

How to activate Maybank debit card for online payments | purchase?

Dial 1800-MAYBANK to activate the card.

How to activate Maybank debit card for overseas use?

Dial (65) 65335229 for card activation for overseas use and transactions.

Maybank Credit Card Activation tips

>>> Maybank cardholder probably should complete a transaction (maybe, a small one) for the confirmation of your card activation.

>>> Never share any of the card details, online banking details, card password with anonymous for the security of your account and card.

>>> Keep your credit cards, debit cards linked to online banking and mobile banking accounts to keep updated for your cards.

The Maybank Cardholders still have trouble in completing the Maybank Credit Card Activation Online or cannot activate Maybank Debit Card can share their issues below and know How to activate Maybank debit card for overseas use? Share Maybank Card Activation issues below and get online assistance from us here at

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