POSB Card Activation

POSB Card Activation

Quicksteps to activate POSB card

  • Log in to POSB digibank Online using User ID and PIN.
  • Go to Cards >> Activate Cards.
  • Enter your 6-Digit iB Secure PIN and login.
  • Select the Card that needs to be activated.
  • Enter the required Card Details, personal details.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions, click Next and submit the request to activate the card.

Once you submit the request to activate POSB credit cards, online banking will verify the details you have entered. If the details are correct then you will receive a card activation notification.

You can also activate the credit card or debit card by sending an SMS to the POSB Card Activation SMS Number at 77767. Well, it is necessary to have a registered phone number in order to activate POSB passion cards.

  1. Open the SMS service app on a registered mobile phone.
  2. Type Activate <space> Last 4 digits of Card. ( Eg. Activate 1234).
  3. Send the SMS to 77767.

Once you send the SMS, you will receive a card activation notification on your number if the details you have entered are correct.

POSB Card Activation

If you have received a credit card, debit card or an ATM card from the POSB Bank then you will have to activate the card in order to get the card ready for using the card. Well, there is a number of ways offered to the cardholders to activate their cards.

Either activate POSB card for overseas use through POSB Online Banking account or just send a card activation request SMS at POSB Card Activation SMS Number at 77767. You can also activate the POSB debit card at any of the POSB debit cards at the bank branch or activate POSB ATM cards at any of the POSB ATMs using a card PIN.

Now, you can use any of the most convenient methods to activate your credit card, debit card or ATM card but you must follow the listed instructions here to activate the card successfully.

Activate POSB Card for Overseas use

Activate POSB Credit Card for Overseas Use

To activate the credit card or enable your card for overseas use online you must have an online banking account. If you do not have an online banking account then you can simply register for an online banking account or use other methods to activate your cards. Follow the steps below to activate your card to enable your card for overseas use/

  • Step: 1. Log in to POSB Online Banking using your digibank User ID & PIN.
  • Step: 2. Now, select the following options;
    • Manage Cards & Loans >>> More >>> Enable/Disable Overseas Use.
  • Step: 3. Select the Card that needs t;o be to enabled or activated for Overseas Use.
  • Step: 4. Click the Allow Overseas Use to change the status of your card and tap Next.
  • Step: 5. Enter the required details, confirm the details, click the Activate button and your card will get activated shortly.

You can also activate or enable your POSB card for overseas use by sending an SMS at 77767. You will have to use a registered phone number to activate your card.

  • Type Enable <space> overseas <space> Last 4 digits of Card (Enable overseas 8734).
  • Send an SMS to 77767 and activate the card.

POSB Passion Card Activation tips, help

>> POSB cardholders probably should not share their credit card details or online banking details with anyone for the security of your cards/account.

>> Always keep the cards linked with your registered mobile number and with the online banking account to stay updated.

>> You can also try to make a small transaction after activating a card to the get assured for the activation of your cards.

If you have trouble in activating the POSB Card Activation procedure or unable to activate POSB Passion Cards then you can share your issues below. Share POSB Credit Card Activation issues below in the comment box and get your issues solved here.

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