Scotiabank Credit Card Activation

Activate Scotiabank Credit Card Online

  1. Visit Scotiabank Card Activation Online Link
  2. Enter the 15-digit (American Express) or 16-digit (VISA) Credit Card Number.
  3. Click the CONTINUE option.
  4. Now, enter other required details including Card Expiry Date, Date of Birth, CVV.
  5. In the end, recheck the information you have entered and then submit your request to activate the card.

After submitting a request to activate a card the cardholder has to wait for the online banking to verify the details they have entered. Online banking will notify cardholders a card activation notification if all the details the cardholders have entered are corrected.

A cardholder can also Activate Scotia Credit Card by dialing the Scotiabank Card Activation Phone Number at 1-800-806-8600 to activate the card by phone. In order to activate Scotiabank MasterCard credit card, call 1-866-583-6289.

Scotiabank Card Activation

Scotiabank Card Activation

As Scotiabank dispatches a credit card or debit card to the cardholder in the deactivated status, it is necessary to activate Scotiabank credit card in order to get the car ready for transactions and other uses. Now, there are various ways through which a cardholder can activate the Scotia card.

The simplest way to activate your card is to complete the Scotiabank Card Activation online procedure at Scotiabank online banking services. The card users can also activate the card by dialing the Scotiabank credit card activation phone number by the registered mobile number to activate the card. The ATM card or debit cardholders can also activate their cards by visiting any of the Scotiabank ATMs using the card PIN.

The credit card or debit card users can use any of the most convenient methods to activate their cards but it is mandatory to follow the instructions and steps shown below to activate their cards successfully.

ScotiaCard Activation

Scotiabank Credit Card Activation Phone Number 1-866-583-6289

It is necessary to have a registered phone number with a card or with the bank account to activate the card by dialing Scotiabank Card Activate Phone Number. Keep a card and other personal details handy and follow the instructions below to activate your card instantly.

  1. Dial the Scotiabank Credit Card Activation Number by the registered phone number.  
  2. Select a language in which you want to continue the card activation procedure. 
  3. Now, listen to the auto prompted options on the call carefully and select adoption available to activate your card. 
  4. Provide the necessary card details and personal details and let the banking services verify the details you have entered. 

Once when the details the cardholders have entered gets verified, the cardholder will receive an activation notification on the registered mobile number. 

Scotia Card Activation security tips

#A cardholder should try making a withdrawal or a small transaction online after completing a Scotia credit card activation procedure in order to get confirmed for the successful activation of your card.

#The cardholder probably should not share any of the credit card details or online banking personal details with the anonymous for the security of the cards.

#Always keep your credit cards | debit cards signed in the back.

#Also, keep online banking and registered phone number linked with the credit card or debit card in order to stay updated with the card activities.

Scotiabank credit card users and debit cardholders who still have trouble either in completing Scotiabank Card Activation or unable to Activate Scotiabank Credit Card can share their issues with us. Share your ScotiaCard Activation issues below and get help to complete Scotia Card Activation here with us instantly.

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